Frivolous Friday: An Oldie But Goodie

Despite the fact that without adult supervision, I could spend an entire afternoon and half my paycheck at Sephora, I’m often super lazy about grooming and maintenance. You should see my roots. OK, let’s be real here, they’re not even roots anymore, my hair is just gray.

Some days even showering seems like a boring chore. UGH, I think. I have to take clothes OFF, get wet, and then put them on again? This feeling is especially strong if it’s a Sunday and I have to work. I love my job, but for some reason working on a Sunday just makes me feel so whiny and put-upon that I even annoy myself.

Unless! Unless. Unless I have a bottle of this shit in my shower caddy:

amande shower oil

Then, the only reason I don’t shower twice a day regardless of whether I’ve worked out is because I feel guilty about wasting water.

First of all, the scent is amazing. Most almond-scented products smell like marzipan and old-lady soap, kind of blandly sweet and powdery. Not this stuff. It smells like a real, unroasted almond, along with some light floral notes and this beautiful, fresh ozone aroma that reminds me of walking through wet grass after a summer rainstorm. I keep the hand cream in my purse just in case I want a burst of this smell to brighten up a ‘bleh’ day.


The other great thing about the Amande Shower Oil is that it’s this bizarre, space-aged foaming oil. It’s a liquidy oil that foams once you put it on your washcloth and start scrubbing, and it gets SUPER sudsy if you use one of those shower poufs. But because it’s this soap/oil hybrid, it’s much more moisturizing than your average shower gel. Because of this unique texture, it’s great to shave your legs with, too, if you’re into that.

There are a bunch of other products in L’Occitane’s Amande line, including a some creams that are supposed to firm your skin, which I’m sure is a completely bullshit claim, but hey, it’s a beauty product, what do you expect? However, they all have the same addictive scent, and are all very moisturizing and nice to use.


This line has been around for long enough that I’m starting to get paranoid they’ll discontinue it like my beloved Compoir Sud Pacifique Freesia Vanille perfume and Prescriptives Fig Stain lipstick, but I’m trying to not be a hoarding weirdo and fill my hall closet with shower oil. That would be creepy, right? Right?

What products make you want to live in your shower?


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